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The Hunt is On!

There’s something lurking just under the surface of the water.   Did you see it?  What is causing that rippling effect?  Oh my, it’s the elusive “Muck Monster!” 

During the last week in October the West Palm Beach Public Library will host a series of author visits centered on stories of strange monsters and eerie sightings including the infamous Muck Monster.

On Monday, October 25th you will have an opportunity to meet “America’s Most Credible Cryptozoologist,” Scott Marlowe.  He will discuss Florida’s mysterious creatures.  Mr. Marlowe’s research has been featured on MonsterQuest, Is It True, Legend Hunters, Destination Truth and Weird Travels.  After his talk join Mr. Marlowe for a walk down to the Waterfront to search for the “real” Muck Monster. 

Then on Tuesday, October 26th Charlie Carlson, author of the bestselling book “Weird Florida” will be here to discuss and sign copies of his book.  Carlson is an American author, actor and film producer and is known as “Florida’s Man in Black” or “Master of the Weird.”  He specializes in paranormal, strange events and places, and many historical books. 

Both author programs are scheduled at 6:00pm in the library’s Auditorium. For more information on these “spooky” events call 561-868-7701.

The Muck Monster looks forward to it!           


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Disaster at the Podium or Fear of Public Speaking

Many times I’ve had to stand in front of a large group to speak on certain topics or to conduct presentations or workshops.  Believe it or not I experience tremendous anxiety just before I talk.  Tongue-tied, sweaty palms and an inability to remember my introduction are typical reactions when I begin speaking.

For many of us in the workplace, presentations and public speaking are a necessary and vital part of our job.  Even if you are looking for work and preparing for an interview it’s important to present yourself with confidence.  No matter what – all of us need to be able to speak with success.

So don’t be shy!  Learn the strategies to conquer your fear of speaking!  Join me Wednesday, October 13th for an informative seminar titled “Speak for Success” presented by well-known speech coach and author Leila Alson, of Alson Power Speaking.  Her power-speaking method has helped many prominent business and political leaders become successful presenters.  She is also the author of “Say It Again, ” a guide to the most mispronunciated words.  Leila will provide you with the tools and techniques to become a powerful speaker.  She will show you how to listen, share information and be persuasive. 

The seminar will start at 6:00pm in the West Palm Beach Public Library’s Clematis Room and of course is free and open to all!  For more information call 561-868-7701.

If you can’t make the presentation then be sure to check-out some of our books on public speaking:

 See you at the podium!


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Get Ready to be Inspired!

When I was first introduced to the term “life coaching” I was sure it had something to do with a sports application.  Little did I know that this type of “coaching” is a discipline recognized by professionals who are focused on personal development.

 For many of us, particularly in today’s economic climate, the chance to empower ourselves to achieve our goals is the difference between succeeding at work or standing in the unemployment line.  It also applies to our personal life and can help define our relationships.

 So get ready for your life coaching experience and inspire your mind!

 The West Palm Beach Public Library will host a free “Inspirational Social” complete with live entertainment, life-coaching experiences and appetizers designed to take you from where you are to where you want to be! Jennifer Pinto, seasoned mind, body, spirit teacher and popular motivational speaker, will inspire participants to expand and grow from the inside-out as she leads participants through a fun and interactive life-coaching experience artistically woven amidst live musical entertainment.  Jennifer is well-known for implementing wellness programs at the University of Miami and conducts stress management and team building classes. 

 Entertainment will also be provided during the inspirational social.  A musical performance will be lead by Karmic Flo, an acoustic rock duo formerly know as Gypsy, who shared stages with Cyndi Lauper, Grand Funk Railroad, the Band, & Billy Ocean.

 This special event will be held on Saturday, September 18th from 12:00-1:30pm in the library’s Auditorium. Free and open to all!

 Sponsored by the Friends of the West Palm Beach Public Library. For more information contact 561-868-7701.

See you at the social!


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“Express” Options Not Just for the Airlines!

Imagine my surprise when I read the latest news regarding American Airlines adding optional fees.  The airline company will designate “Express Seats” for domestic coach travelers. The idea is that you’ll pay extra for the first row coach seat because you get to board with the first group when general boarding commences. So this means you get first dibs on the overhead bins and, as American put it in a news release, “the convenience of being among the first Coach customers on and off the plane.”

 American Airlines realizes the concept of “Express” might have enormous appeal for their customers just as our library patrons are discovering with our “Express” collection of materials on the first floor.  Only difference – the West Palm Beach Public Library doesn’t charge any fees to access “Express” items!

 Recently we have started an “Express” section of books and DVD’s that allow you to quickly locate and check-out popular or bestselling items.  Here you will find movie blockbusters, such as Iron Man 2, Just Wright, or Karate Kid and bestselling books like Star Island or The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. The section has become so convenient and easy for patrons that we are continually replenishing these areas.  Also Express items cannot be reserved or renewed so finding a bestseller or hit movie on the shelf is almost guaranteed!

 So if you’re one of the many passengers flying in the “Express Seats” section why not check-out one of the library’s “Express” books and enjoy reading a top bestseller?

 If you have questions or need more information on the library’s Express section please give us a call at 561-868-7701.


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A Murder in the Library!


The Library Mystery Tour:  Murder Mystery Night @ your City Library! 

It’s the Roaring Twenties and someone has been murdered in the library!  Put on your detective hat because it’s up to you to solve the mystery!  Join us at the West Palm Beach Public Library from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. Saturday, July 31st for an interactive murder mystery party.   A trail of clues will be hidden around the library and teams will be asked to determine which of the characters committed the crime. Prizes will be awarded to the team of sleuths who catches the murderer! 

A buffet of light hors d’oeuvres will be served and wine will be available for a purchase of $6.00.  Proceeds benefit the Friends of the West Palm Beach Public Library.  Registration is required and reservations will be held at the door. Space is limited. For reservations, call 561-868-7701.  This event is part of the Adult Summer Reading program and is sponsored by Bank of America, the West Palm Beach Library Foundation  and the Friends of the West Palm Beach Public Library.

And for those mystery buffs, don’t forget to also browse the library’s “Mystery” section located on the first floor.  Lots of detective and murder mystery titles just “dying” to be checked out!

See you on Saturday!


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Get Crafty @ your city library!

For all of you who like doing crafts, the library is the place to be!  Yep, we are going to be offering monthly craft programs and we hope to see you.

For July:

Wine glass painting @ your city library on Thursday, July 22nd from 6:30 to 8:00 pm.  Bring your own wine glass and the Book Goddess will teach you some techniques.   Painting supplies will be provided.  Registration required.

For August:

Learn How to Make Candles @ your city library on Saturday, August 28th from 2:00 to 3:30 pm.  Patrice will be here to teach you how to make your own candles!  All supplies provided.  Registration required.

Coming soon:

Our very own Book Goddess will present a craft program in September and October.  Check back and see what it will be!

And yes, we do have a soap making class on Saturday, June 26th –  it is FULL!  Looks like we are off to a great start on the craft programs.  We hope you come in and have some fun with us!

See you @ the library,


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